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We have just received our delivery of pencils, we are very happy with the results and have arrived in good time for our event. Thanks so much, you have been so helpful and the service has been so efficient.

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Bespoke designs

Custom wooden pencils - bespoke designs:

We can tailor many of our pencils to your specific needs - below are some of the services available to make your pencils individual to you.

COLOUR MATCHING service - where we match the colour of the pencil to the colour of your choice

DIPPED ENDS - the cut end of the pencil is dipped separately giving it a slightly domed finish.  The dipped end can be the same colour as the pencil barrel, or something different.

MIX AND MATCH service - you can mix and match the colours of the different parts of the pencil for no extra cost.  Choose from:

  • Ferrule colours: gold, silver, black, red, green, blue
  • Eraser colours: standard pink, black, white, light green, blue, neon yellow, neon pink

CHOICE OF LEADS - we can supply pencils with a choice of leads including 2H, HB, 2B, 4B

For more details about any of the above services, please contact us on (01206) 272020.

Standard lead times are 2-3 weeks (subject to stock availability)

Bespoke pencils are not available on an express service.